1Vibratory rotary drilling of borehole using HIGH-FREQUENCY CAVITATING HYDROVIBRATOR.
The high-frequency cavitating hydrovibrator is used for the vibratory rotary drilling of firm rocks.
The advantage of this method is that it combines the positive characteristics of vibrating and rotary drilling methods. During such combined method of drilling there are not only static forces to the rock from the rock cutting tool, but also dynamic influences of periodic character (high frequency shock impulses).
The rock is not only crushed and spalled by rock cutting tool under the influence of these forces in the impact moment, but is cut off or spalled during rotation of drilling tools under the influence of static loads to the breed.


1Production stimulation of extractable resources using the Hydraulic Impulse Generator
Extraction efficiency of oil and gas in all countries is unsatisfactory today using well known industrial methods of the development and extraction.
For example, in the countries of Latin America and South East Asia the average reservoir recovery makes 24–27%, in Iran –16–17%, in the USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia –33–37%, in CIS countries and Russia –up to 40%, depending on structure of oil reserves and applied methods of development and extraction.
For increase of extracted reservoir with reduction of development terms and operation of gas and oil fields use various intensification methods of extraction which are not friendly to environment.
Hydraulic Impulse generator is intended for increase of the minerals extraction efficiency by increasing fracturing of rocks by a way of pulsed influence of working liquid under the pressure to the layer .